Scaffolding Design & Inspection Services

Scaffolding design provider

SPAR strongly believes that “there is always a simple solution for any complex problem.” and hence we have established an Engineering Scaffolding Design & Inspection division which provides a safe, optimum, economical and simple solution to all Scaffolding requirements.

SPAR team of experienced and competent Scaffold Engineers provides engineering designs in accordance to local and international scaffolding standards befitting project specification.

We have the experience and capability of producing designs and engineering solution conforming to various standards viz. British, European, and American, Australian, Saudi Aramco and other Middle Eastern client / project specifications

We at Arabian Spar delivers best quality scaffolding products to our clients. Our Scaffolding Design and inspection believe in providing safe and economic materials. Our inspection departments take care of products with their supervision and surveillance. It has been formed to keep a check on the manufacturing of the materials and use of concurrent machinery for the production of unique and best scaffolding items. Our design team consists of skilled and qualified engineers to meet the standards and specifications of Scaffolding Products. We are capable enough to design the latest products of wide range and providing engineering solutions to international clients.