Scaffolding Fittings Accessories: Manufacturer and Supplier in KSA, MENA

We at Arabian Spar offer a better quality range of Scaffolding Fittings Accessories that are used in different industries such as real estate, plant maintenance, oil and gas, refineries,  roadways, bridges, petrochemical sectors, and many more.  We use quality raw material in manufacturing of scaffolding fitting products. We have qualified and trained designers for designing different ranges of scaffolding fitting accessories. 

Scaffolding Fittings Accessories

Our scaffolding products are known for their attributes of accurate dimension, high strength and better durability standards. And our scaffoldings range is available in different sizes and dimensions to suit diverse requirements of clients at competitive prices in Saudi, Middle East, and MENA countries.

Scaffolding Accessories Engineering Design Services

We have established a separate Arabian Spar Engineering Scaffolding Accessories Design unit which comprises experienced qualified design engineers. These competent design scaffolding engineers are expert in designing the products as per clients’ requirements which are safe, optimum, and economical in the market. They always provide scaffolding fitting products designs based on local and international scaffolding standards in accordance with clients’ project specification.  

Arabian Spar design engineering team follow various scaffolding accessories fitting standards for example – Saudi Aramco, European, British, American, Australian, and other Middle East approved design parameters in manufacturing and supplying as per clients’ specification and orders.

Scaffolding Fitting Accessories Quality Standard

We design, manufacture, and supply scaffolding accessories fitting to customers’ requirements following approved standards of world’s certified testing agencies. As a result SPAR has earned its reputation and established a name and position in the industry by maintaining its top possible quality control to fit the specification provided by the clients as per their project needs at different types of sites. 

To make our commitment transparent and practical our scaffolding products and accessories are tested by “Fugro Suhaimi Ltd.” Dammam KSA (a Saudi Aramco certified testing agency). It confirms compliance with BS & EN standards. Thus we manufacture and supply scaffolding fitting material which confirm ARAMCO and SABIC specification parameters. 

Scaffolding Accessories and Fitting Products Range

We manufacture a variety of Scaffolding Fitting Accessories using fine metal, ensuring high strength to our quality products. Because of our genuine quality and trusted scaffolding products we have become a name in the manufacturing, supply, and export in Saudi Arabia, Middle East, and other MENA countries. 

We manufacture and supply a maximum range of scaffolding fitting accessories products, such as Pipes and Tubes, Cuplock Systems, Ringlock Systems, Tube and Fittings, Caster Wheel, Scaffold Steel Boards Plank, Ladder Beams and Lattice Beams, etc. These all products are available in different specifications and configuration as per clients’ requirements as given below.

1. Pipes and Tubes Scaffolding Accessories

Pipes & Tubes Scaffolding

We manufacture and supply different types of pipes and tubes from 0.19 mm to 152.4 mm diameter and also in other sizes. These tube scaffolding accessories are produced in various shapes such as Squire Tubes, Round Tubes, and Rectangular Tubes as alternatives to each other to fulfill the specific requirement application of the customers. Our scaffolding tubes are produced in HR (Black) and Galvanized type with standard specification of EN 39, EN 10219, BS 1139, etc. The different types of tubes have their specifications and application, for example,

Round Tubes Scaffolding: These Round Tubes are manufactured and supplied in HR (Black), Galvanized (Hot-Dip) and Pre-galvanized forms. These round tubes are produced in different thickness from  ½’ to 6″ inches for use in structural and fencing applications.

Squire Tubes Scaffolding: The Squire Tubes scaffolding accessories are manufactured and supplied by SPAR only in HR (Black) and Pre-galvanized form. These are available in different sizes and thicknesses ranging from 16 mm x 16 mm to 120 mm x 120 mm. These quality products can be used in structural, furniture, and other commercial applications.

Rectangular Tubes Scaffolding: The Rectangular Tubes also produced and supplied in HR (Black) and Pre-galvanized type. These are made in different sizes and thicknesses also for example starting from 20 mm x 15 mm to 100 mm x 60 mm. These tubes are used in different scaffolding structure building, Furniture, and other commercial applications. 

2. Cuplock Systems Scaffolding Accessories

Arabian SPAR produces and supplies different types of Cuplock System Scaffolding such as Cuplock Ledger, Cuplock Systems, Cuplock Standard, Cuplock Transom, and many others. SPAR also produces a specific type of Cuplock scaffolding systems equivalent to the Kwik stage and SP-LOK as per British, European Union, and other International standards. These Cuplock Systems Scaffolding are mostly used in Saudi Arabia and Middle East including United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, etc. Our Cuplock Systems Scaffolding accessories fittings  are available in different types, shapes and specifications which are given below.

  • Vertical Standard (open end) of diameter 48.3 mm and 3.2 mm thick with EN 10219 standards.
  • Ledger (Horizontal) of 48.3 mm diameter with EN 10219 standards of high grade steel.
  • Intermediate Transom (Horizontal) made from high grade steel of 48.3 mm diameter with EN 10219 standards.
  • Beam Bracket of diameter 48.3 mm conforming to EN 10219 standards of high grade steel having load bearing capacity of 1500 kgs.
  • Tubular Hop-UP Brackets of 48.3mm diameter and EN 10219 standards.
  • Cantilever Frame (Painted & Hot Dip Galvanized) with ledger blades.
  • Top Cups are made of Drop Forged Iron.
  • Bottom Cups are made of high quality steel and welded on verticals.
  • Spigot  in painted and hot dip galvanized form.
  • Heavy Duty Female Type Caster Wheels in 8 inches wheel diameter.
  • Heavy Duty Male Type Caster Wheels in 8 inches wheel diameter are in rubber tyred and nylon tyred.

3. Ringlock Systems Scaffolding Fitting Accessories

We manufacture and supply all kinds of Ringlock Systems scaffolding following the British, American, European Union, and other International standards including Saudi Aramco. SPAR also produces and supplies its own equivalent of the Kwik stage and SP-LOK. Our specific Ringlock Systems are Access Standard, Ledgers, Braces, Hop-up Brackets, Base Collars, etc.

4. Tubes and Fittings Scaffolding Accessories

Arabian SPAR is well known in manufacturing and supply of different types and specifications of Tubes and Fittings Scaffolding products in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, and other Middle East countries for a long time. These Tubes and Fittings scaffolding accessories are available in various types such as:

  • Galvanized Iron Scaffolding Tubes 
  • Swivel Coupler
  • Double Coupler
  • Grider-Coupler
  •  Putlog Coupler
  • Scaffolding Ladder Beams
  • Toe Board Couplers
  • Board Retaining Clamp
  • Sleeve Coupler
  • Ladder Clamp
  • Rocking Or Swivel Base Plate
  • Scaffolding Base Plate
  • Adjustable U Head Jack
  • Scaffolding Ladders
  • Heavy Duty Self-Closing Scaffolding Gate
  • Rocking Or Swivel Adjustable Base Jack 

5. Caster Wheel Scaffolding Accessories Products

We manufacture and supply SPAR Heavy Duty 8” Scaffolding Caster Wheel in accordance with international standards such as American, British, European Union i.e. BS1139, BS EN10219, ANSI 10.8 and OSHA 1926. These are equipped with a spigot and double brake step. We supply Caster Wheel to our clients in Middle East countries. 

6. Steel Board Scaffolding Fitting Products

Arabian Spar manufacture and supply it own Scaffold Steel Board brand i.e. SPARDECK® which are used as an alternative to Timber Scaffold Boards in building construction, Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical industries. You can go through Spar Steel Boards many features and specifications by visiting its website

We also manufacture and supply all types of Ladder and Lattice Beams in different sizes. For more information related to any type and specifications of Scaffolding Fitting Accessories you can contact us in Jubail (KSA), Riyadh, UK, Dubai, RAK (UAE), etc. 

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