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Scaffolding Steel Board

Scaffolding Steel Board: In preparing and raising temporary scaffolding structures at construction sites mainly three types of components are used. These are steel tubes, couplers and decks i.e. boards. The steel scaffold tubes make both vertical and horizontal pieces of the frame for a scaffolding structure. Whereas couplers and clamps help in connecting the tubes at different end points to form the structure. But the steel scaffolding boards or decks are used to make the floor where workers can stand and construction materials to be loaded on for further masonry and other construction work.   

What are  scaffolding steel or metal boards?

Scaffolding steel or metal boards are materials used in construction and building industry to prepare temporary scaffolding structures to facilitate labourers work safely at height. The scaffolding boards are made of different materials like wood, metal, and  steel. The steel or metal scaffolding boards are superior to wood boards and last longer in comparison to wood boards. The metal or steel scaffolding boards have a longer lifespan than wood boards. 

The scaffolding steel boards  are mainly used in making great and strong  landing platforms for keeping heavy construction materials in masonry. The steel boards are  recommended for scaffolding towers because they stay in place much better than wood boards. The hooks on each end of the metal board are offset so that these boards can be used to construct a single long scaffolding platform without the hooks overlapping each other.

Material Used for Manufacturing of Steel Boards

The steel scaffolding boards are manufactured by using premium pre-galvanised steel with a pressed crown pattern for a slip-resistant surface. These steel decks or boards form the scaffolding platforms with the help of tubes and couplers or clamps.  These steel walking platforms are made by fitting scaffolding structures being placed along the length of the scaffold lift on construction sites.

Characteristics of Scaffolding Steel Boards

scaffolding steel or metal boards

Steel or metal scaffolding boards have many features for which construction companies are preferring in comparison to timber boards. The steel boards provide a smooth surface to walk easily on scaffolding structure for construction work. Scaffolding Metal boards are manufactured in different sizes with accurate dimensional finish. The scaffolding structure made of steel or metal boards maintains strong construction standards as a result it provides safety and security of both workers as well as construction materials.

All scaffolding metal or steel boards are made and finished with a metal end plate for ease of handling. And thus, steel  boards eliminate the risk of hand injury commonly associated with timber board end bands and nails. The scaffold steel boards are fire and flame retardant. As a result the boards made of steel or metal  are ideally suited to scaffolding works across different sectors like the Oil and Gas industry, Petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, etc. For this reason it is becoming widely recognised by leading insurance companies.

The steel scaffold boards form the platforms and fitting scaffolding structures being placed along the length of the scaffold lift on construction sites. The metal board is strong and sturdy which provides a safe and steady scaffold plat=form to work from in a construction company for any type of building making. The structure made of steel boards is able to bear heavy load pressure that scaffolding must undergo with workers and equipment working at height.

Advantages of Metal or Steel Scaffold Boards

scaffolding steel or metal boards

Nowadays construction companies have choices whenever they buy or rent a scaffolding system, mainly deck boards for building temporary structures to start construction work. Because they opt for strength, durability, light weight, easy handling in installation and long term cost saving. These are the reasons why they prefer metal scaffolding components including deck boards. The modern system of metal scaffold boards are made of either steel or aluminium. And both have their specific advantages. Let’s discuss here the benefits of using scaffolding steel boards.

  • Steel scaffold boards are of Light weight. 
  • Their design with non skid perforated dimple tread minimizes accidents in slippery conditions.
  • Steel boards are fire resistant and so preferred for use where welding or burning is occurring.
  • Steel components are durable and so usable for a longer period. 
  • Steel boards are corrosion resistant. Because galvanized steel boards do not absorb water or chemicals.
  • Have consistent strength and flexibility. As a result can bear heavy load
  • Stackable design is made for storage and transportation costs.
  • Suited with all styles of tube and clamp scaffold material.

The above advantages make steel scaffolding board/decks suitable, durable, easy handling, and cost effective for construction work and long term projects. These steel boards are preferred especially when large amounts of weight bearing construction materials have to be moved up and down and a high load capacity is required. For example, bricklaying, concrete, and other heavy construction equipment and manpower then steel scaffolding is the way to prefer over timber scaffold boards.

Comparison between Steel Scaffold Board and Timber Board

Scaffolding Steel BoardTimber or Wood Scaffold Board
Raw material is optimumShortage of timber as raw material
Steel board has 15 years maximum lifespan i.e. durableWood scaffold board has a maximum life of 3 or 4 years
Easy for storageDifficult for storage
Occupy less spaceCover more spaces 
It is cost effective if calculate durabilityIt is costly due to less lifespan
Replacement rate is 500% less than wood boardReplacement rate is high
It is lighter in weightIt is heavy
Transport cost is lessIts transport cost is more
It is easy to handleDifficult to handle 
It is strong and can bear heavy weightIt is weaker than steel

What to consider when buying or renting steel scaffold boards?

If you are buying for a long term construction project and need a durable scaffold then you must consider the steel scaffold boards. The choice should be based on the following: 

  • You make sure that company maintains the required recognised standards in manufacturing.
  • The safety and quality proof of steel scaffold boards can be verified whether the manufacturer is providing you certificates and approval for its products and production.
  • Check the traceability of individual scaffolding steel boards by the engraved batch number of the component. Because the engraving shows the name of the manufacturer, place of production, and week, and year of production along with the batch number.
  • You should check the corrosion protection of the steel board whether it is painted or galvanised. Because a galvanised scaffolding steel board has the advantage over painted one that it is more durable and requires much less maintenance. 
  • Also check the supplier’s customer services when you buy steel board, for example – material deliveries, training for your construction team, and technical advice.


Arabian Spar manufactures and supplies good quality and trusted scaffolding components including scaffolding steel board/SPARDECK® available in both galvanized as well as painted finish. It also provides additional stiffener which increases the overall strength of the steel scaffold boards. It produces many designs like punched slots for anti slip, heavy duty hook, box type stiffeners, etc. It supplies in different sizes and configurations at competitive prices in the market keeping safety on the top priority. You can contact us for further enquiry in Saudi Arabia (Al-Jubail, Riyadh), UK, Dubai, RAK- UAE.

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