Scaffolding Rental Services in Saudi Arabia: Cheap and best

Scaffolding Rental Services in Saudi Arabia: Rental services in construction equipment started in the UK after the First World War and in America in 1955. The scaffolding rental services are growing in other regions of the world, including the Middle East and Saudi Arabia. The scaffolding rental revenue in Europe was estimated around EUR 27.7 billion in 2019 while in the USA it was about $ 55.7 billion. In this article you will know the reasons for preferring scaffolding rental equipment over purchasing scaffolding material by construction companies. When and how to choose the best scaffolding rental service in Saudi Arabia.    

Scaffolding solutions for a construction or building repairing project can be managed either by purchasing scaffolding equipment or lease or rental services agreement. The rental services can be provided in a way that suits a builder or construction contractor and their specific project, no matter how large or small.

How to Decide Scaffolding Rental or Buy Equipment? 

There are various factors which play an important role in deciding whether to go for scaffolding rental services in KSA or buy scaffolding equipment for construction projects. For example, you are planning a project that requires special scaffolding material which is not needed again in future or you need to stock for a short period. In both cases, it is better to opt for scaffolding rental services over buying the construction material. 

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However, if you need the scaffolding material on a regular basis for a similar kind of construction or repairing projects for a longer period and you have the storage capacity including maintenance then you can buy. 

Moreover, nowadays, most of the construction companies prefer scaffolding rental services over buying their own outdoor scaffolding systems. Because it is easier and  efficient to work with a scaffold rental company like Arabian Spar that provides all scaffolding rental solutions. It provides rental services including assembly of scaffolding platform, takedown (dismantling), transportation of scaffolding equipment, maintenance of material between jobs, training of construction workers, safety inspections, etc.  

How to Select a Scaffold Rental Company?

There are many indicators that can help you decide on a quality scaffold rental company. The first step is to prefer a reliable scaffolding rental company that knows the safety rules and can help your worker to comply with. Some of the indicators that help in deciding a scaffold rental company are given below.

Check Policies and Guidelines of Scaffolding Rental Company

The easiest way to select a scaffolding rental company is by asking about their policies, regulations, and guidelines related to scaffolding safety measures. You can ask, “what is your inspection role to check the scaffold platform?”. If they answer and satisfy your queries in checking scaffolding structure safety conditions, the scaffold rental can be considered for hire. On the other hand, if they don’t have a convincing answer you should drop it. 

Check Trainer’s Qualifications of Scaffolding Rental Company

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The Scaffolding Rental company and the workers who are erecting or dismantling a temporary scaffold structure for construction or repair work must be trained properly by a competent qualified person. You must ask the rental company about their scaffold training process and the trainer to check their credentials. If they satisfy your queries go ahead to hire their scaffolding rental services otherwise drop them.

Check Scaffolding Equipment Model and Working Condition

If you are going to hire scaffolding rental services from a company you must check the model, working conditions, and life of equipment for your temporary scaffolding platform. You should prefer the equipment which are manufactured on the latest technology and safety measures recommended by OSHA, Saudi Aramco, Adnoc, Enoc, UAE and others. You should ensure that the rental company’s delivery truck shows up with an access ladder for the safe entry of your workers to the scaffolding structure. 

Check Reputation of Scaffolding Rental Company

Before hiring a scaffold rental company for erecting and dismantling the supporting platform for construction or repair work you must check the reliability of the company. For this you can do research and check the reviews and comments of hiring companies about the scaffolding rental services of the company on social media. If possible you can talk to past customers who can tell you their experiences with a rental company and then decide to hire or not. As Arabian Spar’s partners and premium clients are Forbes 500 like Aramco, Adnoc, Enoc, Sabic, Riyadh Metro, Samsung, Hyundai, etc.

Benefits of Scaffolding Rental Services over Buying Equipment

If you need particular scaffolding material once or twice a year either for construction projects or repairing, why would you buy them? It is a wastage of resources and you can get more value for money by renting the same equipment. There are many benefits of renting scaffolding components as given below:

1. Renting Scaffolds Saves Money 

If you select scaffolding rental services over purchasing equipment, you will save a lot of money. Because the cost of scaffolding equipment is very high and if you buy the latest model it will cost even more. Thus, the cost of renting scaffolding equipment is just a fraction of purchasing prices that will serve the same purpose. Therefore, you can save money by renting equipment and use them for other purposes.

2. Model and Variety of Scaffolds Changes

There are many types of scaffolding equipment used in construction and repair work. Sometimes you need a mobile tower scaffold for repairing or painting work but sometimes equipment of the latest model for fixed scaffold structure for construction work. In all different kinds of scaffold requirements it makes no sense to buy for all kinds of projects. You must select the right kind of scaffold equipment for a project and it can be hired from a single rental company as per requirement.

3. Free from Maintenance or Repairing of Scaffolding Equipment

If you go for scaffolding rental services over purchasing the equipment you need not to take maintenance or repair of worn out material. In this case all responsibility for maintenance is on the rental company even during the work going on. And you have to bear the only rental cost of scaffolding material.

4. No Storage, Transportation, and Depreciation Cost

When you choose a scaffolding rental service for a project of any size, it becomes free from storage, transportation, and depreciation cost of equipment. Thus, hiring scaffolding services reduces your liabilities in a big way. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Scaffolding Rental Services

Q. What are the components of scaffolding?

Ans. The components of scaffolding are standards, ledgers, transoms, scaffold Tubes, couplers, base plates, braces, boards and many more.

Q. When should renting scaffold be preferred over purchase?

Ans. If equipment is needed for a limited period.

Q. What are the major advantages of leasing scaffold rather than purchasing it?

Ans. Leasing scaffold is beneficial if you have bad credit or need to negotiate a longer payment plan to lower your costs. 

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