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There are many valid reasons given below why construction company or customer must check the quality, reliability, credibility, and presence of scaffolding products and services in the global market along with membership of a quality checking organization of a ‘scaffolding products manufacturer and service provider’ before buying products and taking services in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, UK, and other Middle East/MENA countries.  Arabian Spar is the most reliable and trusted name in manufacturing scaffolding products and supplying its products and services in the above-mentioned countries.

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The valid reasons are:

  1. To check whether the ‘Scaffolding Suppliers’ company has Scaffolding Manufacturing Plant in the Middle East.
  2. To check whether the Scaffolding Supplier in Saudi Arabia has Scaffolding workforce technical skills.
  3. To check whether the Scaffolding Specialists Company in the Middle East maintains technical quality in the manufacturing of its scaffolding products, accessories and delivering its scaffolding services.
  4.  To check whether the Scaffolding Company has applied standard safety measures in the process of providing its scaffolding services to clients. 
  5. To check whether the Steel Scaffolding Manufacturers and Suppliers in Dubai UAE promotes best practices, excellence, and professionalism within the industry.
  6. To check whether the Leading Scaffolding Manufacturer and service supplier in the Middle East follows the instructions and guidelines given by clients’ organizations, government agencies, and standard-setting bodies to ensure high standards of training and competence across the scaffolding industries.
  7. To check whether the Steel Scaffolding Company in the Middle East has accredited and verified its Design and Management by a competent independent organization under Construction Regulation.
  8. To check whether the Scaffolding Company Saudi Arabia has a membership of the Scaffolding Association for an assurance of quality and demonstration of an ability to carry out the safe design, installation and commissioning of access and temporary structures that use scaffolding systems.
  9. To check whether the Scaffolding Manufacturers and Service Suppliers in Saudi Arabia/Middle East has the following quality and genuine products:

    Pipes & Tubes
    Cuplock Systems
    Ringlock Systems
    Tube & Fittings
    Scaffolding Steel Boards
    Ladder & Lattice Beams, etc.
  10. To check whether the Leading Scaffold Company in Abu Dhabi UAE and Gulf countries provides standard quality with safety measures scaffolding services in the following fields:
    Contract Scaffolding Services
    Hire and Sale
    Manpower/Training, etc.
Tube fittings

Recommendation: After review of scaffolding clients and customers feedbacks who have used different scaffolding products and hired scaffolding services in Saudi Arabia and Middle East of different scaffolding companies to fulfill their needs, it is found that ARABIAN SPAR CO. LTD is the most preferred and reliable company among Scaffolding Manufacturers andScaffolding Services Contractor in Saudi Arabia, and other Middle East/MENA countries on the parameters mentioned above.

Arabian Spar is the topmost known and trusted company in manufacturingscaffolding products and supplying its products and services in the UAE,  Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, UK, and other Middle East/MENA countries.

Arabian Spar Manufacturing

Over 100 different product lines are produced using the latest up to date technology in computerized welding, for example, Cuplock SystemsLadder Beam of great quality and structure in addition to

Arabian Spar Products

Pipes & Tubes: Round Tubes, Square Tubes, Rectangular Tubes

Cuplock Systems: Vertical Standard(Open End), Ledger (Horizontal), Intermediate Transom (Horizontal), Beam Bracket, Tubular Hop-Up Brackets


Ringlock Systems: Access Standard, Ledgers, Braces

Tube And Fittings: Galvanised Iron Scaffolding Tubes, Double Coupler, Swivel Coupler

Scaffolding Steel Boards: Lvl Wooden Scaffold Board, Steel Boards Without Hooks, Steel Boards With Hooks

Ladder & Lattice Beams: Scaffolding Ladder Beams, Scaffolding Ladders, Lattice Beams

Arabian Spar Services

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Arabian Spar products and services are tested to ensure the safety, security, and convenience of workers, construction companies and buildings. Arabian Spar has managed to create its trust and reputation in the markets of GCC, Europe, Africa, India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai UAE and in many other parts of the world