Scaffolding Steel Boards/Decks

Construction companies or real estates need platforms to construct a new building or renovate an old one.These platforms are made up ofScaffold Boards/Deckson which scaffolding structures are built. Scaffolding boards are placed along the length of the scaffold lift. They are supported at centers that are determined according to the board/deck type and/ or the scaffold load range. Arabian Spar is a trusted scaffolding boards/decks manufacturer and supplier in KSA and other MENA countries.

Use and Application of Scaffolding Boards/Decks

Every construction industry requires an outer support system above the ground to do its jobs. And these support systems are formed with the help of Scaffold Boards/Decks for the purpose of making it more helpful for workers to access the outer portion of a building or to reach a space high above the ground for the repair of any existing structure. These platforms are used for painting and window washing of a building too. Arabian Spar company is the most reliable and preferred supplier for ‘scaffolding boards/Decks in Saudi Arabis, UAE, Oman, Qatar.

Types of Scaffolding Steel Boards/Decks

A quality scaffolding boards/decks for any construction purposes should be designed and made in such a way so that boards are physically strong and sturdy to protect from damage during use by keeping the safety of structure and working manpower. The boards/decks are base of scaffolding structures which have to bear the weight of the workers. They must be spacious enough to keep and adjust the tools and other

equipment on them. The different materials are used to build these scaffold boards/decks. These materials are selected for making different scaffold boards depending upon the nature of the work and budget of the clients in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, etc. Scaffolding boards are mainly categorised into 3 groups based on  materials used, such as:

  1. Steel and Aluminum Scaffold Board
  2. Wood Scaffold Board
  3. Bamboo Scaffold Board

How to Check Quality & Reliable Scaffolding Boards/Decks

Scaffold Customers are advised to consider before purchase/order the followings:

  • They should  thoroughly check scaffold boards/decks for any signs of damage before purchase. Wooden boards should not have any cracks, mold or knots in it.
  • The scaffold boards/decks should also be resistant to various factors like temperature variation and water.
  • Adjoining planks must be of uniform thickness for an even platform.
  • The planks must be across the full width of the scaffold platform.
  • They should  also make sure that scaffold planks having large knots, worm holes, steeply sloping grain at the edges, spike knots, and splits.
  • Splits should be wider than 10 mm (3/8 in), lengthwise closer than 75 mm (3 in.) to the edge of the plank, or lengthwise longer than half the length of the plank are not acceptable. Reject right away any planks showing the above or other defects or damages.
  • Hooks and hardware of prefabricated platform units must be checked regularly for looseness, distortion and cracks. Because damage can be if the boards/decks are thrown or dropped.
  • Ice, snow, oil and grease should be cleaned from planks.
  • Scaffold platform boards/decks must be resistant to slip and free from water accumulation.
  • Decks should not be painted before keeping in store as the paint can hide defects.
  • The thickness of main board plate should be thicker than metal deck, considering of construction work safety.

Moreover, by keeping the safety and security of structure along with workers, scaffolding customers should not compromise with the kinds and quality of boards/decks. For this reason, a steel board/deck is always more suitable for long term projects as they have better strength against damage and they won’t rot like the wooden ones.

Arabian Spar supplies a wide range of ‘Scaffolding Steel Boards/Metal Decks in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi UAE and other countries’. Arabian Spar Steel boards and decks are extensively used in construction industry for providing an end to end connection to the scaffolding items or structures in Middle East and other MENA countries. Arabian Spar’squality and safe scaffold boards and decks are available in variety of sizes, finishes and dimensions to meet different needs of clients at best industry prices in through out world.

Why Arabian Spar Scaffold Steel Boards are Preferred

 Arabian Spar Scaffold Boards/Decks have the following required features: 

  • These scaffold boards/decks are of light weight and good looking with the most loading capacity. 
  • To strengthen the plank’s loading capacity and ensure good drainage they are based on rib reinforcement design.
  • These steel scaffold boards are made of galvanized steel tested and compliant with BS EN 12811-1, to make them fire retardant and long lasting.  This makes them more suited to use in harsh environments, in particular onshore and offshore facilities, than timber scaffold boards.
  • These board are of various stiffeners like plain stiffeners, box type stiffeners and trapezoid stiffeners to meet different requirements of customers. 
  • Arabian Spar scaffolding products are designed, manufactured and developed with the latest technology and global scaffolding market trend.
  • Arabian Spar has qualified and experienced research and development (R&D) team who is always curious to learn and apply the advanced technology of construction field used in USA, European Union, Japan, Australia, etc. ensuring the quality to the standard of SGS, JIS, ASTM, BS and others. 

Arabian Spar is the topmost known and trusted company in manufacturing scaffolding products and supplying its products and services in the UAE,  Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, UK, and other Middle East/MENA countries.

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