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Arabian Spar is the best Saudi scaffolding factory and scaffolding manufacturer for the Middle East and MENA construction companies and other customers. We at Spar Saudi Scaffolding Factory (SSF) manufacture and supply quality scaffolding products in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and other MENA countries at competitive prices. We always aspire to become the first and preferred choice of customers by providing unique quality scaffolding accessories. We are preferred for Saudi scaffolding factory Dammam, Saudi scaffolding factory Riyadh, Scaffolding companies in Jubail, Scaffolding companies in Dammam, etc. 

Scaffolding Companies in Jubail: Saudi Scaffolding Factory 

Scaffolding Companies in Jubail

Arabian Spar is one of the top Scaffolding Companies in Jubail. We have a Saudi scaffolding factory Jubail in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We at Saudi Scaffolding Factory work hard to become the premier manufacturer and provider of scaffolding and formwork solutions in Saudi Arabia. We always focus on delivering the best quality of scaffolding products and exceptional required services to our customers.  

We strive to execute our commitment to the highest of standards irrespective of project size or complexity. We provide a wide variety of Saudi scaffolding factory products and services, such as scaffoldings, formwork, powered access solution, etc. Arabian Spar scaffolding accessories are certified by Aramco.The certification is indicative of our commitment to delivering the best scaffolding products and service solutions to our clients. We are known for excellent customer service, innovation and advanced technology in the field of Scaffolding and Formwork engineering, globally.

Scaffolding Companies in Dammam and SSF 

Arabian Spar is one of the most trusted Scaffolding Companies for required solution providers for scaffolding and formwork in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Scaffolding Factory (SSF) provides a range of scaffolding products that involve pipes and tubes, cuplock systems, ringlock systems, tube and fittings, caster wheel, scaffolding steel boards plank, ladder beams and lattice beams, etc. SSF also provides different scaffolding services such as scaffolding contract services, hire and sales, scaffolding design, etc. Spar Scaffolding Company in Dammam feels proud in itself in providing scaffolding accessories and services that are competitive in price and meet the highest international standard in quality and safety.

Our Saudi Scaffolding Factory (SSF) access solutions expert team has been providing services to different real estates and industrial sectors of Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other Middle East countries for more than a decade. Arabian Spar Scaffolding Company in Dammam provides a multidimensional approach to the provision of scaffolding to both new and existing plants. 

When our team works on highly specialized industrial sites or large commercial construction projects, they offer comprehensive solutions like design, erection and dismantling scaffolding services. Irrespective of the size or difficulty level, Arabian Spar scaffolding services division carries the resources and expertise to get the job completed on time and safely with international standards.

Saudi scaffolding factory (SSF) Riyadh

Arabian Spar Saudi Scaffolding Factory (SSF) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of good quality scaffolding products and services in Saudi Arabia. We at SSF provide safe and durable scaffolding structural systems for construction, renovation, and maintenance work Saudi, Middle East, and other MENA countries for a long time. We at SSF manufacture and supply a range of scaffolding products, such as Scaffolding tubes in HR (Black) and galvanized type in various shapes like Round tubes, Squire tubes, Rectangular tubes, etc.  We also manufacture and supply Cuplock Systems, Cuplock ledger, Cuplock standard, Cuplock transom, Kwik stage and SP-Lok in accordance with British , EU, and International standard. 

Scaffolding Companies in Jeddah: SSF in KSA

Arabian Spar SSF is specialized in manufacturing and supplying economical, reliable, durable, safe, and stable all types of Ringlock System scaffolding products with access standards including Ledgers, Braces, Hop-Up Bracket, Base Collar, and many more.

We at Spar Saudi Scaffolding Factory also manufacture and supply different types of 

Tubes and Fittings. For example – Double Coupler, Swivel Coupler, Putlog Coupler, Grider Coupler, Board Retaining Clamp, Galvanised Iron Scaffolding Tubes, Toe Board Couplers, Sleeve Coupler, Adjustable U Head Jack, Scaffolding Ladder Beams, Scaffolding Ladders, Heavy Duty Self-Closing Scaffolding Gate, Rocking Or Swivel Adjustable Base Jack, Scaffolding Base Plate, Ladder Clamp, Rocking Or Swivel Base Plate.

Scaffolding Factory in Saudi Arabia

Our Scaffolding Factory in Saudi Arabia is also known for manufacturing and supplying “Scaffolding Caster Wheel equipped with spigot and double breaks step scaffold. Our breaks are easy to engage and disengage with a locking system where the wheel and the swivel  get locked simultaneously. We also provide Grease fittings which are included in Swivel Raceway and a Zerk axle for easy access points to grease the wheels roller bearing. We also manufacture and supply “Scaffolding Heavy Duty 8” which allows you to change stationary platforms into a mobile platform.

Our Scaffolding Casters are made to use with adjustable base jack, jack nut, and base plate with plain top plate as adjustable scaffolding wheels. Our Scaffolding Caster is manufactured on the basis of the requirement of British, American and European Standards viz. BS1139, BS EN10219, ANSI 10.8 and OSHA 1926. Scaffolding Casters, manufactured in Spar Saudi Scaffolding Factory, are trusted and popular for industrial and construction work use in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and other MENA countries. Spar Scaffolding casters are also used in mobile scaffold towers  to provide easy movability in Oil & Gas, Power Plant, Desalination Plant, etc. 

Scaffolding Companies in Saudi Arabia

Arabian Spar is the most trusted premier scaffolding and formwork solution company in Saudi Arabia. Spar is one of top Scaffolding Companies in Saudi Arabia known for “Scaffold Steel Board”. We manufacture and supply “scaffold steel board” at our Saudi Scaffolding Factory (SSF) which is used as a replacement of Timber Scaffold Board in Gas, Oil, and Petrochemical industries all over Saudi Arabia and MENA. It is economical in price and has high load carrying capacity with triples the life span from a conventional timber board.

All scaffold steel planks manufactured in Spar Saudi Scaffolding Factory comply to BS EN 12811-1 with a hard technical test for International third-party recognition. Spar Decks are recommended for use upto a Load Class 6 of BS-EN 12811-1.Our Scaffold Steel Planks or Decks are galvanized and painted with plan ends and hook on for conventional tube and coupler scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding, cuplock scaffoldings, etc.Our Scaffold Steel Board and Planks/Decks are non-inflammable and fire resistant, slip resistant, highly durable, easy to clean, and competitive in price.

Spar Scaffolding in Saudi Arabia


Arabian Spar manufactures and supplies high quality and tested “Ladder Beams and Lattice Beams” which are made of high tensile steel tubes conforming to EN10219. Our Ladder Beams are fully compatible with the standard scaffolding coupler available upto 6 m in lengths with an option to produce in longer length on demand from the clients. We also manufacture and supply 450mm and 610mm deep Lattice Beam or Unit Beam which are made from high tensile alloy steel tubes. Our alloys lattice beams are stronger and lighter in comparison to traditional steel beams.

We have Spar contact offices for scaffolding products sale and services in various places such as in Jubail KSA, Saudi Scaffolding Factory Riyadh, Dubai – UAE, Rak- UAE, and United Kingdom (UK).

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