Scaffolding Pipes and Tubes Manufacturer & Supplier in Saudi Arabia

As a leading scaffolding manufacturer and supplier, Arabian SPAR concentrates on producing high quality scaffolding pipes and tubes for more than a decade in Saudi Arabia and Middle East. Galvanized pipe scaffolding has long been one of the most used scaffolds in the world. Tube and coupler scaffold provided by SPAR are galvanized to reduce rust and corrosion for a longer product life. 

Our Scaffolding pipes and Clamp scaffolding are specified for all Load Bearing Scaffolding structures for safety of working personnel. Spar manufactures high quality laser welded scaffold tubes from 0.19 mm to 152.4 mm in diameter to fulfill clients’ requirements.

Scaffolding Pipes and Tubes

What are Scaffolding Pipes and Tubes?

Scaffolding pipes and tubes are metal pipes used to construct a temporary structure called scaffold. This temporary scaffold structure is used as a support system erected to assist in different projects mainly real estates i.e. construction works, Roads and Bridges, Oil and Gas, Petroleum industries, Refineries, Paint industries, Infrastructure, Power Generation, Industrial Building and Factories, Insulation and Refractories, Structural Restoration, etc. The temporary platform built by using scaffolding tubes and pipes allows laborers to climb on this structure to do their work safely keeping themselves in standing position.

The Scaffolding tubes are produced in different lengths for building temporary platform scaffolds to fit a particular job and project. These scaffolding tubes and pipes are held together with the help of coupler scaffolds. The coupler scaffolds also vary in size and function as per required application. 

Features of Scaffolding Pipes: With Quality Standard

steel pipes

Arabian Spar is proud to have scaffolding pipes and tubes world level customers from all segments of industries in Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Qatar, and other countries of MENA. SPAR has recorded many success stories as a quality, reliable, and trusted manufacturer and supplier of  Pipe scaffolding,  Clamp scaffolding,  Tube and coupler scaffold, etc.  to its clients. Spar is well known and recognized for maintaining the highest possible quality of Pipe Scaffolding products of all specifications so that every  fitting performs reliably on site. This is the reason why SPAR is the first choice for scaffolding products and services across the industries.

SPAR Scaffolding Pipes and Tubes material and fittings are tested by “FugroSuhaimi Ltd.” Dammam KSA, a Saudi Aramco certified testing agency to confirm compliance with BS & EN standards. Thus, we produce and supply scaffolding pipes and tubes which meet ARAMCO and SABIC recommended standards. Thus, the feature and standards of SPAR Scaffolding pipes and tubes con be concluded in the following points given below:

Description of Scaffolding Pipes and Tubes

Arabian Spar produces and supplies a variety of Scaffolding Pipes and Tubes which are made by using fine metal to ensure high strength to our accessories. We manufacture Scaffolding Pipes and Tubes in different sizes and specifications and also according to our client’s requirements. Our Scaffolding Pipes can be easily erected by unskilled manpower. Our scaffolding products are easily maintained and stored. These are used in a variety of applications as formwork support, general access scaffoldings, circular access scaffolding, etc. 

Our Scaffolding Pipes and Tubes are proven designs with safety accessories, designed robustly and are very sturdy. These pipe scaffoldings are lightweight but have high loads carrying capacity with low maintenance. SPAR Scaffolding Tubes and Pipes are dip-painted for making corrosion free.  These Scaffolding pipes are also galvanized for high performance and  durability for use in demolition or maintenance, construction projects,  and oil & gas industries.  

Types of Scaffolding Pipes and Tubes

Arabian SPAR manufactures and supplies a high quality and durable laser welded Scaffolding Pipes and Tubes from 0.19 mm to 152.4 mm in diameter. We produce scaffolding pipes in different shapes and sizes such as Round Tubes, Rectangular Tubes and Square Tubes. These scaffolding tubes can be used in any project for any application for greatest performance. Let’s know the specification of each type and shape of scaffolding pipes and tube below.

Specification of Scaffold Pipes and Tubes

SPAR Scaffold Pipes and Tubes are available in various specifications other than the clients’ particular specification requirements. The generation specifications are given below:

Size: In required length

Weight: 4.37 kg/m and also in other required weight 

Thickness: 3.2 mm and 4.0 mm

Quality standard: EN 39, EN 10219, BS1139..

Finishing: Available in HR (Black), Pre-galvanized, and Hot Dipped Galvanized types.

Zinc content: Standard

End finish: Both Plain End and Painted available 

Types of Scaffolding Tubes

There are generally 3 types of scaffolding tubes produced for making temporary platforms in different industries such as Standards, Ledgers, and Transoms. Standard Scaffolding Tubes are used in vertical position to act as the support for the entire temporary scaffold structure. Whereas Ledger Scaffolding Tubes run horizontally generally between the standard tubes for lateral support. 

But Transom Scaffolding Tubes are smaller in size which run perpendicular to ledgers, and are used to give stability to the structure and to provide an equal level of surface for the platforms. All the three types of scaffolding tubes are inter-connected by couplers to prevent excess flexibility and movement of the structure. Let’s discuss the different shapes of Scaffolding tubes SPAR produces and supplies.

Round Tube Scaffolds: Round Tubes are produced and supplied in HR Black, Hot Dipped Galvanized and also in Pre-galvanized types. These are manufactured from 0.5 inch to 6 inches in thickness. The Round scaffolding tubes are used in structural and fencing applications. 

Square Tube Scaffolds: Squire tubes are manufactured and supplied only in HR Black and in Pre-galvanized type. The Square tubes are produced in different sizes and thicknesses like from 16 mm x 16 mm to 120 mm x 120 mm. These scaffolding tubes are used in structural, furniture, and other commercial applications.

Rectangular Tube Scaffolds: Rectangular tubes are manufactured and supplied only in HR Black and Pre-galvanized types. The Rectangular scaffolding tubes are produced in different sizes and thicknesses such as from 20 mm x 15 mm to 100 mm x 60 mm.

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FAQs Related to Scaffolding Pipes and Tubes

Q. What is pipe scaffolding?

Ans. Pipe scaffolding is made with hot-rolled galvanized steel. When it is shaped into a tube, then joined by steel fittings and couplers. It is used in building temporary platforms for construction work.  

Q. Which pipe is used in scaffolding?

Ans. Metals, mainly steel and aluminum are generally used to make scaffolding tubes. Steel scaffolding tubes are heavy whereas aluminium tubes are much lighter.

Q. Do scaffold tubes rust?

Ans. Scaffolding tube is prone to rust if its surface is not painted with protective coating or galvanized with zinc. 

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