Ladder & Lattice Beams

Scaffolding products ladder beams and Lattice beams

Ladder Beam are made of High Tensile Steel Tubes of size 48.3 OD and 3.2mm wall thickness conforming to EN10219, SPAR Ladder Beam are used to provide a clear span between scaffolds.

All Ladder Beams rungs are saddle cut to get the maximum welding length and thereby increasing the over-all strength in Bending and Shear. The Ladder Beams are fully compatible with the standard scaffolding coupler. Available in lengths up to 6m and can produce longer length on demand from Customer.

Arabian Spar is the topmost known and trusted company in manufacturing scaffolding products Ladder Beams & Lattice Beams supplying its products and services in Al-Jubail, Dammam, Riyadh kingdom of Saudi Arabia & UAE Middle East.

Arabian Spar is also manufacture 450mm and 610mm deep Lattice / Unit Beam made from High Tensile Alloy Steel tube. Available in varying lengths of up to 8m.


Scaffolding Ladder Beam

Ladder Beams are used where clear span is required in scaffolding or where greater strength is required in the horizontal members. Available in lengths up to 6m and can produce longer length


Ladder Beam Manufacturer

Scaffolding used for access from one elevation to other Conforming to EN 131 Class 1 Available in lengths up to 6m and can produce longer length


Lattice Beams Manufacturer

Alloys lattice beam are stronger, lighter than a traditional steel beam it does exactly the same thing really but can be much cheaper and easier to install due to the lattice beam weighing up to 50% less than it’s I beam counterpart

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