Scaffolding Suppliers in KSA

Scaffolding product materials

Arabin Spar has evolved as a pioneer in the provision of various types of Access Solutions, Scaffolding products, Scaffolding material, equipment and other specialized services Company over a period of time, catering to the clients of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power and other infrastructure sectors.

SPAR is well positioned in the industry and recognizes in maintaining the highest possible quality control and safety to ensure the best of product and services delivery to its esteemed clients, partners and third parties.

Scaffolding material

SPAR has strategic joint ventures and partnered with various Scaffolding & Formwork Manufacturers from all over Europe, China, India, Korea etc. We also supply all types of scaffolding GI tubes, Couplers, platform units and other accessories as per customer design and specifications with our in-house manufacturing facilities for drop forging, pressing, threading, tool room & machining.

We have a facility of 100,000 Sq. feet with state of art warehouses, workshops, offices, relevant equipment's and skilled resources. Our other services range from supplying skilled manpower, heavy equipment supply, and various scaffolding training programs.