Good quality & Erecting scaffolding FAQs

  • What are scaffoldings and scaffolds and their uses?
  • What are the components/equipment used to make different types of scaffolds?
  • What are specialised scaffolding products/components used in scaffold
  • What are the materials used in manufacturing scaffolding components or products?
  • What tools do scaffolders use?
  • What are the basic components used for erecting scaffolds?
  • What is the nature and history of the basic lightweight scaffolding tube
  • What is scaffolding steel board?
  • Which is the best scaffold steel board manufacturing company in the Middle East?
  • What are the good features of SPARDECK® Scaffold Steel Board?
  • What are the sizes of Arabian Spar manufactures scaffolding boards?
  • What is Scaffolding Ringlock Systems?
  • What is the scaffold cuplock system and how it works?
  • What is the scaffolding base plate and its uses in construction work?
  • What are the sizes of the base plate manufactured for different uses?
  • What is a scaffold coupler and its uses?
  • How many types of scaffolding couplers are there?
  • What is the use of galvanized iron scaffolding tubes?
  • Q19. What is a Ladder Jack Scaffold?
  • What are the types of ladder jack bracket devices used in scaffolds?
  • What to check during setting-up Ladder Jack Scaffolds before use?
  • What are the OSHA guidelines for using Ladder Jack Scaffolds?

Most Trusted Scaffoldings Manufacturer Supplier in KSA Middle East

Arabian Spar has qualified and experienced research and development (RD) team for scaffoldings production who is always curious to learn and apply the advanced technology of construction field used in the USA, European Union, Japan, Australia, etc. ensuring the quality to the scaffolding standard of SGS, JIS, ASTM, BS, and others.

A. Arabian Spar Scaffolding Products

Transom (Horizontal)

            Hooks, Steel Boards with Hooks…


B. Arabian Spar Scaffolding Services

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Moreover, by keeping the safety and security of scaffolds structure and workers, scaffolding customers should not compromise with the kinds and quality of scaffolding products and services used in scaffolding works.

Locations for Arabian Spar Scaffolding Products Services

For Arabian Spar quality scaffolding products and services based on OSHA, Saudi Aramco, and Adnoc, Enoc, UAE safety standard and rules, clients can contact on the following addresses given below: